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Laundry services at the university of virginia

Our Cleaning Process

All cleaning is performed in our facility by highly trained and experienced garment care professionals. We take great pride in serving you our customer and guarantee serving your garment cleaning needs to complete satisfaction. We carefully inspect/separate all clothing upon arrival to ensure all clothing is professionally cleaned.


This once weekly service focuses on everyday laundry and is processed in commercial washers and dryers.

  • Light and dark garments are separated and cleaned with high quality detergent and dried on low.
  • All delicate laundry (bras, underwear, bathing suits) is netted and washed and dried.
  • Unless the student places in their separate dry cleaning and special-care-only bag, we typically wash and dry all t-shirts, knit/polo shirts, knit dresses, shorts, jeans, socks, pajamas, leggings, athletic wear, bed linens, and towels.
  • All clothing is neatly folded, right side out and returned in your freshly washed laundry duffel
  • A separate dry cleaning and special-care-only bag will be provided in addition to the laundry duffel bag. All dry cleaning and special-care-only items are charged on a price per piece basis.

Dry Cleaning / Special-Care

We pride ourselves in providing professional care for all your garments. Any garment processed in our dry cleaning and special-care-only department will be cleaned, pressed, placed on hangers, and covered in plastic. There are two common scenarios when garments are processed through our dry cleaning and special-care-only department rather than our Wash/Dry/Fold Department:

  1. Laundry Service customers will be given a separate dry cleaning and special-care-only bag in addition to their laundry duffel bag. This allows students to select which items, if any, they desire to have dry-cleaned or treated with special care. For example, if you want your polos pressed on returned on a hanger you would place into your dry cleaning and special-care-only bag.
  2. During the check in process of the laundry duffel bag, our laundry technicians may find a garment that the student has not included in their dry clean only bag but has specific cleaning instructions from the manufacturer requiring special care or the dry-cleaning process. *Although technicians will do their absolute best to identify these items & send them through our dry cleaning and special-care only department, it remains the student’s responsibility to sort out any items they desire to be dry cleaned or to receive special care (i.e. line dried, lay flat to dry, handwash, etc)

We highly recommend that student’s place sweaters, raincoats, jerseys, garments with appliques, silk, rayon, wool, and fleece in their dry cleaning / special-care only bags as those garments are typically processed in our dry cleaning and special-care only department. Likewise, items marked “hang to dry”, “line dry”, “hand wash” should be placed in the dry cleaning / special-care bag by the student.

Click HEREE to view a price list for these additional services. A credit card is required to be on file to cover dry cleaning and special-care-only charges.

*Should you wish to have all your clothing washed, dried, and folded with no dry cleaning and special-care-only services provided regardless of a garment manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, click HERE to obtain a release of liability form.

Cleaning and Sanitation

We have taken numerous precautions, companywide, to further protect our employees and customers. As it relates to sanitation and disinfection of customer clothing, we use a process called Chemo-Thermal Disinfection, which is a certified cleaning method that encompasses a combination of time, temperature, disinfectant, and detergent. This process meets the requirements necessary to kill both category A (bacteria and fungi) and B (viruses) agents. We take sanitation and safety very seriously to protect all parties involved throughout our cleaning process.