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How to Sign Up

  1. Choose your Housing Location from list below
  2. Create an Account & add a credit card on file
  3. Schedule a Delivery – Select “No”
  4. Preferences – Select “Skip”
  5. Select “SUBSCRIPTION PLANS” from the top of the page & “Add Subscription Service “
  6. Check Out

If you have any questions about registering please reach out to us at (540) 464-6900 or

Housing Locations

Select if you are uncertain of your housing arrangment but desire to sign up for laundry service

Off Campus
Select if you are living off campus & desire to sign up for laundry service

*Please note, if you are living “off campus” or your housing is “unknown” please select those options which are listed above.

In the 2022-2023 Academic Year….97% of Students Were Satisfied to Extremely Satisfied with our Laundry Services


“The University Cleaners laundry service has been such a help this year— with stress from classes and adjusting to college life, it’s taken one more silly burden off my shoulders. It’s also cost effective! Based on the time I save and the money I haven’t spent on washing and detergent, it’s definitely worth the price.”
-Anna C.