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Frequently Asked Questions

Wash, Dry and fold items are returned in 3 business days.

We offer pickup and delivery routes in Lexington and Staunton. Lexington pickup and delivery days are Tuesday and Friday. Staunton pickup and delivery dates are Monday and Thursday. Once you sign up you will receive a text message one business day beforehand asking if you would like a pick up for the following day. Simply reply “Y” to schedule the pickup.

Please note that our route service area may be limited based on your location.

We can handle all of your laundry needs. Very similar to what you would wash at home such as shirts, jeans, linens, workout clothing, etc. If you would like us to handle your dry cleaning / special care needs please be sure to request a Drycleaning Only / Special Care bag and separate those items before you send them in for cleaning, please.

Any items that is “Dryclean only”, comforters, drapes, dress shirts, pants that require starch, many sweaters, raincoats, jerseys, garments with appliques, silk, rayon, wool, and fleece are typically processed in our dry clean / special care department. Items marked “hang to dry”, “line dry”, “hand wash” are typically processed in our dry cleaning and special care department.

We will assume that all items you place in the Wash, Dry and Fold bag are intended to be cleaned through that process

We will sort your items by lights & colors. However, don’t forget to place your drycleaning and dress shirts in your drycleaning special care bag (or a separate bag) so we can process accordingly.

You can always drop off your wash & fold laundry at any of our convenient locations in Lexington or Staunton during normal business hours. You may choose to pay when you pick up your cleaned laundry or you have the option to create an account and to be charged monthly for the service. If interested click on this link “Create a Wash & Fold Account

Additionally, when you create an account you will be giving the option to be a part of our professional pickup and delivery route. Of course, we love talking to our customers in person so feel free to call our main number 540-464-6900 and ask to sign up and be added to our route if you prefer. Please note that our route services are limited based on location.

For tracking purposes. we do require use and purchase of one of our wash, dry, and fold garment bags that are approximately $10 based on selection.

Yes, you may send in any amount of laundry to be processed. However, we do have a minimum order charge of 10 lbs.

Please call our Nelson Street office at 540-464-6900 with any questions or concerns.

We have taken numerous precautions, companywide, to further protect our employees and customers. As it relates to sanitation and disinfection of customer clothing, we use a process called Chemo-Thermal Disinfection, which is a certified cleaning method that encompasses a combination of time, temperature, disinfectant, and detergent. This process meets the requirements necessary to kill both category A (bacteria and fungi) and B (viruses) agents. We take sanitation and safety very seriously to protect all parties involved throughout our cleaning process.